Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer....aww yeah...

Today was the fourth day of Quest. O yeah, you have no clue what I am talking about. Quest is the summer youth program at Green Lake Conference Center in Green Lake,Wisconsin. My role is to teach ministry classes to junior and senior high students, which is awesome! The first two weeks focus on training and then we have camp after that. I will update later on in the summer when the students get here.

The major thing I want to talk about is the growth that this team has experienced. Everyone with their strengths, abilities, experiences, worries, concerns, passions, and pains has been laid out on the table. I have never experienced such vulnerability and openness in my life. With each new day I have experienced more and more of what the body of Christ looks like. I have witnessed first hand the life changing power of God in the community of believers. Through conversations, God has allowed us as staff to share our hearts in all its beauty.

I will continue to blog these experiences along with the sweet stuff that I experience with the students (yessirr!). Be encouraged! The power of God is real and is moving. I pray that those that read this blog will feel the presence of God as I am now. Quest starts in under two weeks, please be in prayer for the lives that will occupy these grounds.

-much love


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