Thursday, July 16, 2009

9 days left...

Hard to believe that I have been in Green Lake, WI since June 7th. Upon realizing this I have also been reminded that I am NOT GOING TO SCHOOL this fall. It is so crazy that this day is finally here. I am about to travel ten hours to Pittsburgh,PA to work as an associate pastor of student ministries. This is so tight!

9 days...

I feel like I have just finished my lego castle (complete with mote and bridge of course). But then I look at the castle and see that there is still much more to be done. I could add more towers, put a dining room in, and probably give the serfs more than a tent to live in and a cow. Seriously, even though I feel so completed I still feel the need to grow.

9 days...

Being here at Green Lake I have felt the importance of being thorough in what I know. My undergrad studies really helped me unpack a lot of my leadership skills and knowledge of God's Word and the role I play in ministry. This summer, God has basically told me that I don't know everything and that I have much more to learn. I believe it!

Basically, God is still growing me and pushing me to become the man he is calling me to be. I really hope that this has been a wake up call for you all who are reading/stalking my blog. God doesn't stop teaching or growing you just because you are out of school. I believe that we need to do God's work to the fullest. Keep learning and growing!

9 days left till I am in Pittsburgh

much love,


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